The scientific programme took place from Tuesday June 28th to Friday July 1st, 2016, 2:30 pm.

Hereafter, you can find a preview of the complete abstract book, you can download it and print 


For a preview of the final programme, you can download it and print 


Main themes and topics:

Positive Psychology: Research Methods

Positive Psychology: Education

Positive Psychology: Childhood and youth

Positive Psychology: Physical health and exercise

Positive Psychology: Mental Health and Therapies

Positive Psychology: Health and Wellness

Positive Psychology: Health and Positive Aging

Positive Psychology: Professional environment

Positive Psychology: Coaching and intervention

Positive Psychology: Social work

Positive Psychology: Social change

Positive Psychology: Cross-cultural approach

Positive Psychology: Organizations and Leadership


Previsional programme (to be updated regularly)

Among the invited symposium planned during the conference:

Positive psychology in Europe: recent and future developments (Chair: Dora Guðrún Guðmundsdóttir, Hans Henrik Knoop & Jan Walburg)

Positive Psychology in Society and Communities (Chair: Pascale Haag)

Positive Education Worldwide (Chair: Ilona Boniwell)

Economy and Positive Psychology (Chair: Claudia Senik)

Meaning, engagement, and wellbeing: Positive Psychology at work (Lisa Vivoll Straume)

Positive Psychology Interventions Efficacy (Chair: Antonia Csillik & Chiara Ruini)

Meaning, strengths, values and spiritual accomplishments (Chair: Willibald Ruch)

Positive Psychology and life span (Chair: Colette Aguerre)

Flow research: conceptual advancements and applications (Chair: Marta Bassi & Jean Heutte)

Positive Psychology, Health, Sports, and physical activity (Chair: Joan Duda)

Flourishing (Chair: Felicia Huppert)

Mindfulness, Loving Kindness Meditation and Positive psychology (Chair: Rebecca Shankland)

Pistes novatrices de recherche en psychologie positive francophone (Chair: Jacques Lecomte)

Positive cultures of criticism: how positive psychology may learn from, and contribute to good criticism (Moderator: Hans henrik Knoop, Participants: Dora Guðrún Guðmundsdóttir, Jan Walburg and more)